Reflections: Broken & Poured Out Women’s Retreat

The first ever “Broken & Poured Out” Retreat took place on October 4-5, 2019 in Clinton, MO. My reflections are recorded below. Thank you, Lord!

What could God do with thirty surrendered women who come to Him gracefully broken and poured out? I’m still contemplating the answer to that question. Not because I want to dwell on this past weekend’s Broken and Poured Out retreat forever, but because God won’t let it go and until He does, I will continue to listen. And to pray.

I believe He has purposed to do a mighty work in each and every one of those in attendance. I picture their faces right now. During our times of worship, I took just one out of many opportunities to turn around and face them and I was so blessed. They were in unison, some in tears and some with a look of pure adoration, praising the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit who so graciously decided to meet us there.

It wasn’t based on emotionalism. It wasn’t made up. It was genuine, authentic and real. How else could you study the woman of Luke Chapter 7? She came to Jesus at that table because she was done with her self, and He did something that He loves to do to sinners—He granted her Himself. She came broken to be mended, she came wounded to be healed, she came desperate to be rescued, she came empty to be filled, she came guilty to be pardoned by the blood of Christ the Lamb. And she was welcomed with open arms—Praise God—just as she was!*

We walked through the highlights of her story according to the text, the words of Scripture themselves. How she was drawn to Him, how she knew who He was, how she was broken, forgiven, how she worshiped and how she went in peace. I ask you this: Who are we to limit what He wants to do with six simple truths from one sinful-turned-redeemed woman’s story? I’m still listening and He’s still showing. Are you? Are we? This can only be God. This is only God.

A word of prayer as we move forward . . . Lord, take what you’ve done and multiply it according to Your precious and powerful will. Do so in my life and in the lives of each woman whom You met there in that room. In those moments. We look to You alone, o God, and to your example as we follow You wholeheartedly, to the best of our ability according to the power that is at work within us as your children, as your daughters. Pour us out daily as we offer ourselves unto you, as living sacrifices, made acceptable only by the finished work of Christ on our behalf. There is only one person worthy of our worship, worthy of our offerings, worthy of our lives. And He is You.

You are our faithful Father. Our comforting Holy Spirit. Our Shepherd and Savior!


*From Travis Cottrell’s song, “Just As I Am”

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