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Ministry Event Opportunities with JHTM:

The FLOURISH Women’s Retreat

This retreat includes three 45-minute original teachings from Jamie. You can bring it to your church for a women’s event in 2023!

The Flourish Women’s Retreat is the perfect opportunity to get together with your girlfriends and spend some much needed time away from your regular routine. The focus? Thriving as a woman of God. You’ll discover foundational truths about who God made you to be, how He created you, how He redeemed you, and how He purposed you to live in abundance as a woman belonging to Him. Retreat planning tips for leaders included. Interested in bringing this to your church? Inquire here!

Broken and Poured Out Women’s Retreat

This three session of 45-minute teaching event from Jamie comes with a full leaders’ planning packet, including scheduling helps and leadership team resources.

A popular teaching series from Jamie, this retreat focuses on how we can be broken before the Lord and poured out for His purposes. The three sessions walk through a passage in Luke Chapter 7, challenging women to see the necessary task of being broken before Christ, of following in His example of surrender, and of being poured out before Him for the sake of loving and serving others. The options for your church’s retreat planning are numerous and can be adjusted according to your vision and needs for your particular setting. Inquire here for booking information!

Women’s Ministry Training Talks

These talks are typically 45-minutes long but can be combined with other elements at your event, such as small group time or a Q & A session to enhance learning and foster great take-aways for participants.

Invite Jamie to speak to the women in your local church, the women you love and minister to. She has been in the trenches of serving in women’s ministry for decades, coming alongside leaders and using her experience and education to teach and to motivate! She offers sound, biblical wisdom and practical encouragement to small group leaders, pastor’s wives, and Bible teachers alike. Her talks include Mentoring in the Local Church, Lead-her-Ship Workshops, and The Ws’ of Women’s Ministry. These conversations and others are sure to equip and empower your ladies for the next step of faith in your ministry.

Mother’s Day Events

There are a variety of ways to include a session with Jamie for your Mother’s Day event. Book this one early!

The topic of motherhood is one of Jamie’s favorite to speak on! The various seasons of being a mom to five children, three of which are now adults, have proven to be both the most challenging and rewarding of her life. Her rich theology of motherhood combined with her many mommy-ing stories can be shared in any format that fits the needs of your ladies’ event, including an in-depth teaching, a simple devotion, or a time of laughter and encouragement!

Marriage Enrichment for Wives

Book a talk at one of your next events for the married women in your sphere of influence. They (and their husbands) will be glad you did!

One of the best parts of Jamie’s testimony is what God has done, and continues to do, in her marriage to Andy. The Word completely transformed the lens by which she saw herself as his wife and for the last twenty-eight years, they have been through the thick and thin under the covering of Jesus. She loves to share the lessons learned and the laughs that came in-between. Invite her to come and teach (pour out her heart, really) about how a God-centered marriage saved hers.

Celebrate the Story: Christmas Event

There’s no time like the Christmas season to encourage women to focus in on the peace, love, hope and joy of Jesus in their lives. Provide a space and a place for them to do just that by booking this event for this coming December! Hurry because the spots are limited!

Celebrate the Story: And See How the Savior Renews Yours is an event that will tell the story of Christmas through the lens of Scripture found in a popular painting that circulates this time of year. Jamie will teach how Eve and Mary’s stories merge together in Christ’s story and how each of our stories–including the past, the present, and the future–are renewed by it! Session lengths can be adjusted to fit your specific needs.

Pick Your Own Theme!

A teacher at heart and lover of God’s Word, Jamie is available for any of your speaking or teaching needs for events this year. Consider contacting her today for a consultation. She will brainstorm with you, pray with you, and help lead you into the perfect theme for your event as you work together to find a session topic that will bless the women at your church.

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