Words of Wisdom: Yes, Lord

To say “yes” to the Lord is to hear His call and respond in the affirmative, to agree with Him and move forward in faith.  And usually, for me, this is done with excitement!  Because so often in my life, when I have given Him a “Yes, Lord” response, it’s because I have sensed in my spirit, through the truth of His Word and by prayer, that I am to fulfill this or that vision for ministry, speak this or that into a situation in my family, or do a specific work that gives Him some glory.  These are delightful things to say, “Yes, Lord” to, indeed.

But what about the everyday?  What about the difficult circumstances?  What about the painful situations?  I’ve been learning a couple of powerful principles about those two little words that tell God that I agree with Him in the not-so-delightful moments.  And before you leave me here because you’ve heard it all before, that your job is to grin and bear it and walk through the hard days with a heavy cross, hear me out. 

Our “Yes, Lord” response can and should reflect our agreement with God, for sure, and if that is the case couldn’t we and shouldn’t we agree with Him that the day ahead might be difficult?  That it might nearly burn us up (though we know we won’t be consumed) because we’re walking through a fiery trial in this particular season? Or that the valley ahead may leave us desperate for the next mountain top experience with Him?  There’s something profound in those two little words, “Yes, Lord,” in these moments because when we are able to say them from the depths of our heart and go beyond the grin and bear it mentality (which assumes we are doing it all alone), we are affirming His presence, not absence, with us on the challenging days.

Furthermore, our “Yes, Lord” can and should, get this because I’m still in a tailspin over the thought, reflect His acceptance of what we have to give to Him on any given day, albeit a lot or little to nothing.  There are some days I am full of all of the offerings that I know the Father delights in—like sacrifices of my time, or a certain anointing that just permeates my day, or a joy that simply overflows to those around me.  I know He accepts these wonderful gifts.  There are other days, however, where I honestly have little to give.  Where I am spent in one way or another.   What do you and I do on those days?  We still say, “Yes, Lord,” and we agree with Him that He sees us, He knows where we’re at, He loves us, and yes, He still pleasures in us giving Him our attention and our agreement over what little we feel like we have to offer.

So today, I say, let’s say, “Yes, Lord.”  These two little words will let Him know that I agree, you agree, with Him about all things.  They will keep my heart and your heart humbled, quiet, focused, and ready for whatever may come our way.  

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