A Meaningful Holy Week

It’s Saturday—the day our Jesus was in the tomb.  The sunshine may be bright outside my window, but in the depths of my heart I’m contemplating the darkness that began on what we call Good Friday and then permeated the time between His death and resurrection.  It’s a dark Saturday.

This Holy Week has been one of deep reflection for me.  I’ve read Scripture.  I’ve considered the unique timing of my personal life circumstances alongside the state of my heart and with that, I’ve leaned closely in.  I pray you’ve done something similar—that, in your own way, you have experienced a meaningful Holy Week.

We remember that the call to Christianity is to partake in His life, death, and resurrection with Him.  Reflect upon the events that unfolded in the life of our Lord and pray with me:


Last Sunday we sang to you, giving you tribute for the miracles you performed and the power you displayed for people to see. You heard the praises of man as you journeyed down the road set out before you but instead of exalting yourself, you stayed focused on your purpose.  Lord, help us to follow you in the journey.

Thursday, we gathered with your followers to be fed at the table and to commemorate the Last Supper, your time with your people, the words you spoke and the significance of that evening. You modeled humility and gave a glimpse of true unity in the very presence of division and betrayal. Lord, let us love in  your example. 

Friday, we found ourselves alone with our inability to overcome the past, present and future sin that entangles us; the reality of our depravity and the cost of it all overwhelmed us.  You willingly gave your life as a sacrifice, your arms were open wide on that Cross as death prevailed.  Lord, give us yielded, open hands.

And now, here on Saturday, we pause to recognize that there are things that are buried.  In the tomb.  Where you rested.  Things too great for us to carry.  Too cumbersome for us to continue contemplating.  Too powerful for us to wrestle with on our own.  They’re buried here with you. Lord, we want to lay things to rest just as you rested.

On Resurrection Sunday, we will gather in uninhibited celebration of your power and your glory, knowing and believing that we love and serve you as our risen Savior!  You revealed your eternal presence with your people with the very absence of your body in the grave, simply because you came to save.  Lord, we trust you to bring dead things to new life.

The hours of this Saturday have been passing.  There are just a few more moments left in the tomb.  Partake in them with Jesus.  And then tomorrow, rejoice in the redemption He so victoriously won on our behalf.  Because after the darkness, comes Light.

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